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Advanced Medical/Surgical Nursing Across the Life Span IV Clinical

Course Information


Credit Hours: 3

Course Pre-Requisites: NUR-207

Course Co-Requisites: NUR-210 NUR-212 NUR-214 NUR-215

Course Description

Clinical learning experiences will be provided in acute and/or chronic health care facilities and community-based experiences.  This course will continue to emphasize the nursing process, caring behaviors, communication, critical thinking, nursing assessment, computer literacy, and the role of the nurse as provider and manager of care, and as a member of the discipline in promoting health and wellness.

Pre-requisites: NUR-201, NUR-203, NUR-204, NUR-205, NUR-206, NUR-207

Co-requisite: NUR-210, NUR-212, NUR-214, NUR-215