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Student Driver Semi Trucks for CDL License Training.

Commercial Driver License (CDL)

North Central Kansas Technical College has a proven, successful, year-round CDL Program. NCK Tech is committed to helping you or your employees with accurate, up-to-date, and comprehensive “Hands-on-Training”.  Classes can be taken at the either the Beloit or Hays Campus. We also offer on-line classes for those who would rather study and prepare at their own pace.

NCK Tech’s Commercial Driver License (CDL) program utilizes state-of-the-art simulation training, classroom instruction and on-the-road driving time to prepare students for the Department of Motor Vehicles Commercial Driver’s License Examination. Coursework prepares students for all three license classes (A, B and C), as well as endorsement for tanks, doubles and triples, hazardous materials and passenger and school buses. A State of Kansas Examiner administers the license examination.

CDL Program Overview

CDL 100 – 2 Day Class ($112.50 plus a $50 application fee):
Classes will begin promptly at 8:00 a.m. each day. Courses for Commercial Driver License are available on a rotating basis; check the schedule for future dates! Application, registration and payment of tuition and fees are due to reserve your seat in the course.

This two-day class is designed to prepare students for their Commercial Instructional Permit written test at a State of Kansas Division of Motor Vehicles. Course includes classroom discussion, computer modules and practice examinations. Pre-trip, basic skills, and drive examination preparation is included in the tuition and will be scheduled on an individual basis after the student successfully acquires a Commercial Instructional Permit from the State of Kansas.

Registration, application fee and full payment is required to save your seat in a class.
Students must be 18 years of age and have a valid Kansas Driver License.
Students from Out-of-State, contact us about your options.
Interested students are encouraged to contact the instructor for class schedule or changes in the schedule.
Tuition and fees, including the application fee, are non-refundable.

Beloit Campus:
CDL 100 Dates:
February 21-22, 2022-FULL
April 4-5, 2022
April 18-19, 2022-FULL
May 9-10, 2022
May 23-24, 2022
June 6-7, 2022
June 20-21, 2022
July 11-12, 2022
July 25-26, 2022

CDL 110 Dates:
Contact instructors for dates

Hays Campus:
CDL 100 Dates:
January 10-11, 2022-FULL
January 12-13, 2022

CDL 110 Dates:
January 18-21, 2022-FULL
January 24-28, 2022-FULL
January 31-Feb. 4, 2022-FULL
February 7-11, 2022-FULL
February 14-18, 2022-FULL

Beloit Class Location: Beloit campus, 3033 U.S. Highway 24, Beloit, KS
Hays Class Location: 3000 New Way, Hays, KS

CDL 110 ($637.50):
Students can register into CDL 110 after acquiring an Instructional Permit from a Kansas DMV (a student can NOT register in CDL 100 and 110 at the same time). Before a student participates in CDL 110 all tuition and fees must be paid to save their seat. A valid Instructional Permit, DOT Physical, and a negative drug test will be required by the 1st day of class.

Written test will be administered at DMV office.  Beloit CDL 110 will administer the driving test on the Beloit Campus by Kansas DMV and the Hays CDL 110 driving test will take place at a Kansas DMV of your choice. Hays students are responsible for scheduling their driving test with the DMV.

CDL Attendance Policy
CDL FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

We offer instruction for Class A or B and all applicable endorsements.  Complete packages or individual endorsements can be obtained.  Call Dale at (785)738-9069 or Josiah at (785)738-9043 today to see which plan best fits your needs.  Classroom sessions, driving practice, basic skills, State of the Art Simulation, and pre-trip preparation are all available on Campus.

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Required Courses

First Semester

Course Code Course Name Credits
CDL-100 Commercial Driver License 1
CDL-110 Commercial Driver License – Lab 1
Total Required Hours

T▸ - Course eligible for transfer to a state university.

This Program is available in Beloit
and Hays

Department Chair

Beloit: Dale Gengler

Hays: Brett Gray

Program Instructors

Josiah Dermyer