NCK Tech is proud to have several U.S. military veterans currently enrolled as students, as well as many veteran alumni who are now serving our country through the workforce. NCK Tech remains committed to helping veterans reach their career goals and honoring their service to both our country and the workforce.  As a sign of our appreciation, NCK Tech has established a “Veteran’s Honorary Associates Degree of Technical Education”.

To be considered for the Veterans Honorary Associates Degree of Technical Education we suggest the applicants meet the following criteria:

  • Honorable discharge from a branch of the United States military.
  • Minimum age of 50, posthumous nominations will also be considered.
  • Provide the advising committee with the discharge papers (form DD-214)
  • Submit a complete Veterans Honorary Associates Degree of Technical Education nomination form including letter outlining military and workforce experiences.
  • Submit a photo of the veteran being nominated.

To nominate a veteran for this honor the following steps will need to be completed:

Step 1
Complete a nomination form on or before May 2, 2022.
There are two ways to submit a nomination form to the Degree Review Committee:

Fill out an electronic form at the bottom of this page.
Complete the Veterans Honorary Degree Form on the back of the Honorary associates degree of technical education brochure and mail it to:

NCK Tech
P.O. Box 507
Beloit, Ks 67420.

To receive a nomination form you may call the college at 1-800-658-4655 and ask for a nomination brochure to be mailed to you.
Submit copies of honorable discharge documentation (form dd-214) to the degree review committee.

Step 2

Submit copies of honorable discharge documentation (form dd-214) to the degree review committee.

Upon receipt of all nomination documents the degree review committee will determine if the nomination meets all established criteria. If the committee needs additional information, a college representative will contact the person(s) submitting the nomination so the nominating process can be completed.

If the nomination is deemed complete and the nominated veteran meets the established criteria the person(s) making the nomination and the veteran will be contacted by the college with a congratulatory letter.

Dates and times for the ceremony will be shared once details are finalized.

For Additional Information Contact:
Jayme Owen

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