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NCK Tech Classes at Your High School

Accelerate your future by enrolling in general education at your high school. These classes are call Concurrent Enrollment Programs (CEP), because you receive both high school and college credit. NCK Tech General Education courses are transferable. This partnership provides high school students the opportunity to take college credit-baring courses in their high schools during the day, taught by college-approved high school teachers. The grade you earn in the course will be on your high school and college transcript.

NCK Tech currently offers CEP courses at seven area high schools: Beloit, Ellis, Hays High, Stockton, Tipton, TMP-Marian and Victoria.

Speak with your high school counselor about current offerings.

Concurrent Enrollment and Program Course High School Student Guide

NCK Tech Classes on Campus

High School juniors and seniors who meet criteria are eligible to attend NCK Tech program courses during the school day on the NCK Tech Campus. By accelerating their education, students are able to jump-start their post-secondary opportunities. Some courses qualify for reduced cost in partnership with Senate Bill 155.

Program course offerings dependent on campus location. Secondary students must follow the college’s calendar and shall abide by the college’s student handbook.

Program Guide

NCK Tech Classes Online

High School students are eligible to enroll in online courses. General Education and program courses are available. For more information visit our Online Portal.

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