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Applied Technologies

Students design an individualized program of study, in each of the two technical disciplines, to fulfill a unique career goal which cannot be achieved through the completion of any single technology program offered by the college.

Program Outcomes

  • Apply multi-disciplinary knowledge to a variety of applications.
  • Learn how to quickly identify, analyze, and solve technical problems.
  • Productively use available tools.
  • Communicate well verbally, graphically, and in writing.
  • Formulate and apply critical thinking skills to troubleshoot systems.
  • Communicate and function effectively in teams.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental safety behaviors and safety equipment.
  • Demonstrate the technical skills applicable to each one of the two technical disciplines.

Required Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits
General Course Requirements
COM-103 English Composition I T▸ 3
COM-105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication T▸ 3
CIS-100 Computer Applications T▸ 3
MA-102 Essential Math T▸OR 3
MA-110 Intermediate AlgebraOR 3
MA-111 College Algebra T▸ 3
SS-100 General Psychology T▸ 3
Total Required Hours

T▸ - Course eligible for transfer to a state university.

Additional Notes:

NCKTC Requirements for an AAS in Technical Studies

  1. Satisfaction of the Kansas Board of Regents minimum requirements for AAS in Technical Studies
  2. Satisfaction of NCKTC Graduation Requirements (including minimum of 15 General Education credit hours)
  3. Evidence the combined skill-set proposed has potential to lead to desired career objective
  4. Pre-approved degree plan filed with Registrar’s Office
  5. Continued and regular consultation with advisor and faculty to ensure appropriate coursework is being taken to achieve the approved degree plan and career objective
Course Code                            Course Title   Credits
Approved coursework from one selected technical program  *at least 15
Approved coursework from second selected technical program  *at least 15
Approved coursework from any additional selected technical programs *at least 15

*In most cases, the required technical education hours will exceed 15 credit hours; this is a minimum.
The required hours will be determined based upon the programs selected and the skill-set desired to meet the individual’s career objective.
The degree plan must be approved by the advisor, faculty, Registrar, and Dean of Instructional Services.

Transfer Options

This program offers a seamless transition to Fort Hays State University for the following degrees:
Business & Industry Concentration (B.S.)
Career & Technical Education Concentration (B.S.)

This Program is available in Beloit
and Hays

Department Chair