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Advanced Maternal Child Nursing

Course Information


Credit Hours: 2

Course Pre-Requisites: NUR-210

Course Co-Requisites: NUR-211

Course Description

This course will expand on concepts taught in NUR 112 and will focus on the complex health/wellness needs of individuals/families throughout the life span.  The needs of the high risk obstetric client, neonate, acutely ill child, as well as the client in the perioperative experience, and the nurse’s role in each are explored.  The ethical/legal issues as a provider of care and manager of individuals/families will be discussed.  The learner will use skills in communication, caring behaviors, and the nursing process to facilitate the attainment of individual and family health and wellness.

Pre-requisites: NUR-201, NUR-203, NUR-204, NUR-205, NUR-206, NUR-207, NUR-210

Co-requisite: NUR-211