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Business Technology

The Business Technology Program prepares students for positions in a business environment. In the one-year program, students receive training in the latest business software applications and create business projects using interactive software, databases and multimedia applications. In addition, students use computerized accounting programs to prepare, interpret and analyze the financial statements required for effective business management. Upon successful completion of the program, students receive a Business Technology Certificate.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate the technical skills for entry-level employment.
  • Demonstrate the skill to use business office application software in a proficient manner.
  • Measure professionalism to model attendance and appearance in entry-level positions.
  • Apply the basic practices and principles involved in modern business.
  • Create an online presence of businesses including emerging digital technologies and trends in the marketplace.
  • Demonstrate business communication skills by exchanging information in both traditional and digital formats.

Microsoft IT Industry-Recognized Credentials

Business Technology and Business Management Feature

Required Courses

First Semester

Course Code Course Name Credits
BT-100 Business Concepts 3
BT-102 Technology in Business 3
BT-104 Word Processing Applications 3
BT-108 Spreadsheet Applications 3
SS-102 Tech Connect 0

Second Semester

Course Code Course Name Credits
BT-105 Business Communications 3
BT-106 Desktop Publishing 3
BT-110 Multimedia Applications 3
BMGT-111 Foundations of Personal Finance 3
BT-115 eMarketing 3

General Education Course Requirements

Course Code Course Name Credits
CIS-100 Computer Applications T▸ 3
MA-102 Essential Math T▸ 3
SS-100 General Psychology T▸ 3
Total Required Hours

T▸ - Course eligible for transfer to a state university.

Transfer Options

This program offers a seamless transition to Fort Hays State University for the following degrees:
Organizational Leadership (B.S.)

This Program is available in Hays

Department Chair

Hays: Jennifer Younger