Activities at NCK Tech is to be a positive factor in the college’s level of student engagement on campus.  Our student activities also promote the development of students as individuals academically, socially, and professionally.

What does this mean to you?

Here at NCK Tech we aim to enhance your collegiate experience.  All Students are welcome to attend free events with your Student ID including: over 10 intramural sports, movies, entertainers, custom novelties, picnics, bingo days, photo booths, and more!

Beloit Student Activities

Hays Student Activities

Students also have access to Leadership Development including volunteer activities such as:

  • Fall Bloodmobile
  • Veteran’s Day Parade
  • Beloit Food Pantry
  • “Isle of Lights”
  • Spring Bloodmobile and Bake Sale
  • “Sidewalk Sweep”

Flag Football
Dodge ball
Volleyball (Trophies)
Water Polo

Fall Bloodmobile help
Veteran’s Day Parade
Beloit Food Pantry
“Isle of Lights”
(Volunteer and Set-up)
Spring Bloodmobile and Bake Sale
“Sidewalk Sweep”
(Downtown Clean-Up)

Student Welcome Mixer
Billiards Tournaments
“Tournament of Champions”
(in Spring) – Prizes Awarded
Home Run Derby
Movie Nights
Skills “Fun” Night
Christmas Party
(Prizes Awarded)
“Open House” Golf Putt and Flag Football for students and parents
“Work-Up” Softball
“Knock-Out” Basketball
“3 Point Shoot-Out”
“Strongest Man” Competition
Foosball Tournament
Air Hockey Tournament
“3 on 3” Basketball
“Open” Dodge ball
Frisbee Golf
L-A-N Party
Shuffleboard Tournament
3-Pound Hamburger Contest
Pie Eating Contest
Egg Toss Game
Checkers Tournament
Fishing derby
“March Madness” Competition

Elected Officers
Fall Bloodmobile help
Help with Beloit campus “Open House” tours
Veteran’s Day Parade float in Beloit
Beloit Food Pantry food drive (Pizza party for winners)
$100.00 Donation to Food Pantry
“Isle of Lights” Christmas Sign
Volunteer at “Isle of Lights”
Spring Bloodmobile help and Bake Sale
Beloit High School class visitations
L-A-N Party (Fall and Spring)
Computer Gaming party (Prizes Awarded)
Monthly meetings
Texas Hold’em Tournament (Prizes Awarded)
“Sidewalk Sweep” (Downtown Clean-Up)
Egg Hunt (with Prizes)
End of Year Picnic and Party