Testing Registration

The Student Success Center at NCK Tech administers and proctors several tests used for program admittance and/or course placement. Review the information below to sign up for one of our testing services.


The Test of Essential Academic Skills is a required test for students submitting an application to the Nursing Program or applying to the Pre-Nursing Program at NCK Technical College. The proctored TEAS measures basic essential skills in the academic content area domains of reading, mathematics, science, and English and language usage. There is a time limit of 209 minutes. 170 four-option, multi-choice questions.


All individuals preparing to take the TEAS test must first create an ATI account. To do so, visit atitesting.com and click “Create an Account” (follow the screen prompts). You only need to register once, and you will use the same account throughout your nursing program. You will need your ATI username and password to take the online test. Please bring this information with you to the testing location.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that students may also purchase the TEAS study manual at the ATI STORE website.  There are several options for study materials on the ATI website, but the study guide is highly recommended material, based on student success.    

If you are already an NCKTC Student or have access to Moodle, you have access to TEAS Practice Tests through Brainfuse, 24/7 Tutoring.  

Current NCKTC Students Preparation:

  • Log into Moodle, click on 24/7 Tutoring on the top menu
  • Open Brainfuse in a new window
  • Click on Academic Tools
  • Click on SkillSurfer
  • Click on College Entrance Prep and find TEAS under the Nursing section
  • Click on any of the 4 options for English, Reading, Math, Science

On the Day of the Exam

  • The student must bring a photo ID to be admitted to the Testing Center.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes early for the test. Late applicants will not be admitted.
  • Scratch paper and two pencils will be provided.
  • Cell phones, smart watches, and calculators are not allowed in the Testing Center.

Test Results

The minimum score requirement for the Practical Nursing Program is 58.7%, but there is no minimum score to be admitted to the Pre-Nursing Program. Test results will be given to the student at the completion of their test. A copy of the test score will also be attached to the student’s application and placed in their file.


The TEAS test may be repeated only one time within 30 days. Students may test before, during or at the completion of prerequisites. It is the student’s discretion as to when they choose to take the exam. You may take it before, during or at the completion of prerequisites.

The student will be required to submit a new TEAS registration to schedule a retake of the TEAS test. The student will be required to pay the $70 at the time of retesting.


A non-refundable registration fee of $70 must be submitted on the day of testing. Applicants are responsible for the exam fee which must be paid at the time of test check in. Check, cash or card is accepted at the testing center.

The exam fee is non-refundable. Applicants who do not show up on the date of their scheduled exam will be required to pay the registration fee again when rescheduling the exam date.

If an applicant wants to send a TEAS score to NCK Tech that was taken from another institution, the student must request the scores from the ATI website. ATI does require a fee for this.

Reserve your testing date today, by filling out the TEAS registration form.

You should receive an email confirming your test date, so please make sure you email is correct on your registration page. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please email us to be sure the registration was received.

Beloit Campus – Echo Boden, eboden@ncktc.edu

Hays Campus – Abi Hernandez, ahernandez@ncktc.edu


Accuplacer is a suite of computerized tests that determines your knowledge in math, reading and writing as you prepare to enroll in college-level courses.


You can prepare for ACCUPLACER by taking advantage of the study tools and resources offered such as the sample test questions and free study app available on the Accuplacer website. These resources can help you identify the academic areas where you may need a little help and how to improve.

Take a practice test – This practice resembles the real testing environment – including the calculator and highlighter functionalities and features like Learn as You Go and the ability to save practice test history.  


Typically, retesting is appropriate in two situations: (1) when factors other than the examinee’s ability are believed to have influenced the previous testing and (2) when the scores obtained from earlier testing are no longer believed to reflect the student’s current ability.

Retesting guidelines:

  1. Under no circumstances should a retest be given on the same day as the original test.
  2. An examinee must wait 30 days between testing sessions.


Testing is $10 per for each of the testing areas of Accuplacer for Math, Reading, and Writing. Or $30 for the entire test. Students that have applied to NCK Tech are given 1 full test (Reading, Writing, and Math) free. Students will be charged for any additional retakes.

Reserve your testing date today, by filling out the ACCUPLACER registration form.


Can I use a Calculator to take the Accuplacer? Students are not allowed to use a personal calculator on the ACCUPLACER at NCK Tech.  An onscreen calculator is provided for select items.

What scores do I need on the Accuplacer?

Colleges use ACCUPLACER to assess skill levels in reading, writing, and math to determine the level of a specific course a student can enroll in.

English Composition I : Reading – 255 or above, Writing – 255 or above English Composition I with Review : Reading 240 – 255, Writing 240 – 255 Intro to Composition : Reading 240 or below, Writing 240 or below

Essential Math :  262 or below Essential math with Review : 237 or below Intermediate Algebra : 250-262 Intermediate Algebra with Review : 240-249 College Algebra : 263 and above


Testers must have successfully completed a Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) program before taking the Kansas Certified Nurse Aide state exam. The test is written and regulated by the Kansas Department of Health & Environment (KDHE).

Home Health Aid (HHA) and Certified Medication Aid (CMA)  follows the same requirements.  These tests will need to be scheduled 1 week prior to testing. Contact us to schedule your exam.


  • If you have failed the CNA/HHA exam and need to reschedule, download, and print the request form here.
  • If you have a CNA/HHA license in another state and need to challenge the Kansas exam, download, and print the interstate application form here.
  • Complete the form and send, along with the $20 fee, to KDADS/Health Occupations Credentialing 612 S Kansas Avenue Topeka KS 66603
  • For questions about the test registration, call KDADS at (785) 296-6958.
  • Once you receive receive an approval letter from the state, you may register for the test at NCK Tech.
  • Register with NCK Tech at least one week in advance of the test by emailing the Beloit Campus at knelson@ncktc.edu or Hays Campus at rlcox@ncktc.edu. Include in the email your preferred date for testing and a daytime phone number.
  • Please note, you are not registered until you have received a confirmation email from the NCK Tech Testing Center. 
  • Arrive at least a half 10 minutes before testing start time
  • Present one form of photo ID
  • Pay a $50 non-refundable testing fee to NCK Tech at the time of your test.

Questions or concerns?
Please contact the campus you are wanting to test at:

Beloit Campus – Echo Boden, eboden@ncktc.edu
Hays Campus – Abi Hernandez, ahernandez@ncktc.edu


  • If a tester arrives late or fails to appear for the test, he/she must reschedule with the KDHE online or by contacting KDHE at (316) 320-7375 to request a rescheduling form.
  • Notification of passing status will be available online within one week of test completion. Students will know their scores immediately after taking the test.
  • If the state exam is not passed within 12 months from the starting date of the initial CNA course, the entire CNA course must be retaken before the student can test again.
  • CNAs with out of state licenses may challenge the Kansas test by filling out this form and sending it in to KDADs with the registration fee. Directions are on the form.

Test scores may be requested online or by writing to:

Health Occupations Credentialing, KDHE
Signature Bldg, Ste 330
1000 SW Jackson
Topeka, KS 66612-1365