Use these tips as a guide for continuing your success with NCK Tech.  This guide will help you keep structure and consistency to complete your year with us. We are all in this together to help you.

Starting Your Day:
Each morning check your email account to see if there has been any updates or changes from your instructors or staff.
Within your email you can create folders for each of your classes or by instructor/staff to help keep you organized.

Set Your Priorities:
We know having classes online isn’t ideal.  We hear you!  Working from home isn’t ideal for us.  NCK Tech prides ourselves on building and keeping those relationships strong.  We also know it might be tempting to sleep in or stay in your PJs all day.  DON’T give into this.  Get up and get dressed like you normally would for class.  Be prepared for changes as they might happen as we navigate through this time.  If you are starting out in the field, make your time with them worth it.  Represent NCK Tech, your program, your family, and of course yourself to the best of your abilities.

Give Grace:
This world of online classrooms are new to many of us at NCK Tech.  Please be respectful to the changes and mistakes that might be coming.  Your faculty and staff have been working hours behind the scenes.  They will work with you when mistakes happen, BUT remember to communicate responsibly and respectfully in a timely manner.  Don’t wait 2 weeks before you ask for help or don’t understand something.  Ask right away.  All of us have the ability to communicate with you.

Plan Your Day:
Start a schedule of how your day will look right now.  Seriously, RIGHT NOW.  Think about how your day typically looks and try to keep that same schedule, keep classes, lunch, workouts, bedtime the same.  We get it, you might have a chance to work more hours. We recommend keeping that to a minimum over the next few weeks so we can all get through this time safely.  Stay focused. This will keep you from getting overwhelmed and keep you focused on your goals.
If you workout at a specific time during the day, continue that.  There are LOTS of great online workouts through your NCK Wellness Center in Beloit right now.  Even if its a quick walk around your house, building, or neighborhood.  It is okay to allow yourself a break.
Remember consistency is a key factor to success in academics, especially online courses. YOU GOT THIS!

Dedicate a Workspace:
Whether you are living with your parents, a roommate, or 5 children you will need a space to dedicate to your online classroom.  It doesn’t have to be a whole room.  It could be in a small corner of your home or apartment.  Just try to keep it organized.  Keep your books, binders, folders, papers organized by class so you can access them easily when you need them.

Advocate for Yourself:
Remember you have a lot of staff and faculty on your side. We want you to succeed.  Unfortunately, to my knowledge, none of us are mind readers.  Many times when students come into the SSC or classroom we can gage how a student might be feeling, but we can’t read body language for an online course.
Being your own advocate can sound like this:
Hi “instructor”,  I am feeling very overwhelmed by taking this course online now.  Would you be able to walk me through what I need to do for “specific task”.
” Good Morning, “instructor” I am needing a resources for my intermediate math course.  Would you be available to meet via zoom to discuss this more?”As staff and faculty we have dedicated time to office hours for students so this will allow for us to meet with anyone via zoom.  If you don’t get a response right away, please be patient (give grace, right?).  We will respond at the latest within 24 hours.  If you do not hear back within 24 hours it is okay to resend another email.

Practice with the Technology:
That’s right, practice with your buddies to get used to using the technology we are asking you to use.  Zoom with your friends before class starts.  Make sure you are connected to the internet, and video and audio works.
Instructors still want to see your faces.  As was said earlier, we pride ourselves on the relationships we build.  We need to see you too, and it is the easiest way to read body language.

TIPS for Using Video Technology (ZOOM/Skype/Facetime/etc)

Live Lectures:
Use the camera if possible – instructors are looking for body language from students.
Mute yourself during lectures – there can be a lot of feedback if its not.
Use a headset or headphones (with a mic) to keep background noise limited
Try to have a solid background against a wall so that others are moving behind you – this can be distracting for many.
Try to avoid looking at other websites while you are using zoom or other platforms.  You can easily miss important information or be called on and not be prepared.
Ask the instructor if you need to use the chat box or raise your hand option so that they aren’t interrupted by questions and comments.

Recorded Lectures:

Take notes as us typically would in class.  Many instructors may already have powerpoints prepared for you.  Don’t write down everything that you hear.
Listen to the whole lecture, start to end.  They may have forgotten something and said, “Bye, oh and by the way….”
If you are using a discussion board, try to be the first to respond.  You want your post to be meaningful, and more than “I agree.”
Follow up with your instructor if you have questions or concerns regarding the lecture or assignment.  Remember we will have office hours available for students to meet with us one on one if needed.

If you would like more information on any of the information above, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Dean of Student Success, Jayme Owen,, 785-738-9037
Student Success Coordinator : Rachel Cox,, 785-301-2294