Welding Engineering Technology/Technician


Program Overview

Department Chair



Students apply basic engineering principles and technical skills to the design and engineering of welding and joining systems. Students also gain knowledge in materials science, computer-aided design and welding processes and metallurgy. This degree allows graduates of NCK Tech’s 9-month Welding program (offered in Beloit and Hays) to transition into a second-year Associate of Applied Science degree program.

Program Outcomes

This degree allows graduates of NCKTC’s 9-month Welding program (offered in Beloit and Hays) to expand into a second-year AAS degree program. Students combine 15 credit hours of the prescribed technical coursework through Fort Hays State University’s Industrial Technology Studies Program with 6 additional general education credits from NCKTC to fulfill the requirements for the AAS degree in Welding Engineering Technology/Technician awarded by NCKTC.

Courses required from FHSU include:

First Semester:
TECS-180 Materials and Proccess
TECS-260 Metal Processes
TECS-318 Intro to CAD
Second Semester:
TECS-310 Manufacturing Graphics (or)
TECS-200 Engineering Graphics
TECS-331 Machine Tool Operations
TECS-430 Computer-Aided Manufacturing

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Required Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits
General Course Requirements
COM-103 English Composition I T▸ 3
COM-105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication T▸ 3
CIS-100 Computer Applications T▸ 3
MA-101 Business MathOR 3
MA-110 Intermediate AlgebraOR 3
MA-111 College Algebra T▸ 3
SS-100 General Psychology T▸ 3

T▸ - Course eligible for transfer to a state university.