Welding Engineering Technology/Technician


Program Overview

Department Chair

Hays: Kyle Kopsa



Students apply basic engineering principles and technical skills to the design and engineering of welding and joining systems. Students also gain knowledge in materials science, computer-aided design and welding processes and metallurgy. This degree allows graduates of NCK Tech’s 9-month Welding program (offered in Beloit and Hays) to transition into a second-year Associate of Applied Science degree program.

Program Outcomes

This degree allows graduates of NCKTC’s 9-month Welding program (offered in Beloit and Hays) to expand into a second-year AAS degree program. Students combine 15 credit hours of the prescribed technical coursework through Fort Hays State University’s Industrial Technology Studies Program with 6 additional general education credits from NCKTC to fulfill the requirements for the AAS degree in Welding Engineering Technology/Technician awarded by NCKTC.

Courses required from FHSU include:

First Semester:
TECS-180 Materials and Proccess
TECS-260 Metal Processes
TECS-318 Intro to CAD
Second Semester:
TECS-310 Manufacturing Graphics (or)
TECS-200 Engineering Graphics
TECS-331 Machine Tool Operations
TECS-430 Computer-Aided Manufacturing

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Required Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits
General Course Requirements
COM-103 English Composition I T▸ 3
COM-105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication T▸ 3
CIS-100 Computer Applications T▸ 3
MA-102 Essential MathOR 3
MA-110 Intermediate AlgebraOR 3
MA-111 College Algebra T▸ 3
SS-100 General Psychology T▸ 3

T▸ - Course eligible for transfer to a state university.