By Chandra Feldman, Marketing Director

On the morning of Thursday, April 1, the Practical Nursing program from NCK Technical college prepped their annual Pediatric Health Fair at Beloit Elementary School. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 restrictions last year this event was unable to take place, but the Practical Nursing students made up for it this year! Students presenting dressed as tooth fairies and pineapples as they excitedly played an interactive role in each student’s health education.

The program was divided into four groups and each group was tasked with deciding on a health focused topic to present. The four topics selected were stress management, first aid, nutrition, and dental health. NCK Tech students were told to work together to coordinate their tasks within their group and with other groups to prevent repetition. Each group gave students, aging from kindergarten to 6th grade, a creative and informative demonstration.

Instructors Melissa Crumb, Sara Arnold, and Samantha Miller supervised and encouraged their students to have fun and make the most of the day. NCK Tech students were also required to complete an electronic portfolio which will detail their thought process, contacts made, pictures taken, and brochures handed out to finish this project.