Each year North Central Kansas Technical College (NCK Tech) awards scholarships to a variety of on campus students. These opportunities are made possible by the generous donations given to the NCK Tech Foundation earmarked for student scholarships. Every fall, NCK Tech hosts a reception to honor the scholarship recipients and donors. Mendi Anschutz, Director of Advancement, states “Our scholarship receptions are very unique occasions that bring our donors together with our students and give them the opportunity to meet each other. This is very impacting for our students to meet the people who have helped them by providing a scholarship to further their education.” To learn more about some of our scholarship opportunities you can visit: ncktc.edu/financial-aid/scholarships/. If you are interested in becoming a donor of the NCK Tech Foundation you may contact Director Anschutz at manschutz@ncktc.edu or by calling 785-738-9090. Congratulations to all of the students awarded Foundation scholarships this Fall 2021:  

8 Man Football All Star Scholarship – Matthew Delaney, Tyler Good, & Trace Tasset

Austin Newell Memorial Scholarship – Tucker Closman

Stan Creitz Memorial Scholarship – Brandon Crane

Severance Family Scholarship – Rhett Griffiths & Nolan Roths

Charles N. Tuley Scholarship – Grant Nabity, Nathan Snively, & Dylan White

Cunningham Communications Scholarship – Logan Fickes

Dane G. Hansen Career Enhancement Scholarship – Mathieu Beougher, Mandy Rowh-Hovis, Said Lahairi, Madison Renken, & Allison Saunders

Evan Dykes Memorial Scholarship – Tucker Closman

Evelyn A. Jordan Topliff Scholarship – Cooper Adams

Harold & Eileen Fraiser Scholarship – Preston Renz

Hays Medical Center Volunteers Nursing Scholarship

Yamoudji Diarra, Annette Freestone, & Tessa Krzycki

Jacob Gallentine Memorial Scholarship – Garrett Randel

Judy Murphy Memorial Nursing Scholarship – Annette Freestone

John Matthews Memorial Scholarship – Logan Fickes

Layton Kaiser Family Scholarship – Jessica Schield     

Mike & Jeannie Michaelis Scholarship – Derek Eichman & Madalyn William

Osborne Industries Scholarship – Brycen Detimore

Sue Adams Memorial Scholarship – Haleigh Gerstmann & Jennifer McCallie

Robert & Dorcas Severence Scholarship – Lauran Klaus & Patrick O’Toole

Robert & Patricia Schmidt Foundation General Scholarship – Patrick O’Toole

Robert & Patricia Schmidt Foundation Nursing Scholarship – Paul Arias, Tabetha Bisnette, Yamoudji Diarra, Gracie Michelle Dibble, Kylee Girard, Annette Freestone, Lauren Klaus, Elizabeth Koel, Tessa Krzycki, Jennifer McCallie, Michelle McPherson, Destiny Rock, Miranda Shellito, & Paola Tinoco Hernandez

Robert Severance SVC Foundation Scholarship – Tucker Closman, Preston Renz, & Benjamin Wick