By Ashley Steiner

North Central Kansas Technical College, in honor of Board Appreciation Month, is pleased to share the many aspects and knowledge that our Board of Trustee Members bring to campus.  Members include Bob Becker, Stockton, KS; Dale A. Montgomery, Hays, KS; Lance Smith, Hays, KS. Members from the Beloit area include, Glennys Doane, Downs, KS; Donald Miller, Downs, KS; Vice Chairman Carolyn Finney, Beloit, KS; Chairman Jim Johnson, Beloit, KS.

Glennys Doane, Agricultural Business, from Downs, KS, joined the NCK Tech Board of Trustees in July, 2011.  Doane believes education is the key to unlocking opportunities and potential.  “A community that values educational systems is a thriving, vital community.  I like to contribute what I am able to that end, and having NCK Tech in the North Central Kansas community is an asset,” Doane stated in response to why she joined the board of trustees.

Doane and her husband Gary farm traditional crops such as wheat, soybeans, milo and corn.  However, for a couple of years they have been growing cut flowers as a specialty crop.  “Flowers are a crop that bring beauty as well as smiles and what a joy to spread more of that around!” Doane said. With reference to the plains, Doane also stated, “I would be a meadowlark if I was ever an animal.  They can fly high enough to get some perspective.  They bring a little color and song to their world, and they call the prairie home.”  Doane would like to be remembered for being a giver, not a taker.  Her favorite quote is, “A lot more good would be done in the world if it didn’t matter who got the credit.”  When asked what the most significant lesson learned in life so far is, Doane responded, “Living by faith in God is not only an adventure, but an abundant life!”

Donald Miller, Owner Miller Hardware, Downs, KS, joined the NCK Tech Board of Trustees in July 2001.  Miller is an Alumnus from the graduating class of 1979.  He was on the USD #272 school board when the opportunity arose to join the NCK Tech Board of Trustees.  Miller stated, “Talking with the students and learning all about them and their stories is what I enjoy most about being a member.”  Carpentry is a big part of Miller’s life, he continues to volunteer time to various organizations.  Currently, Miller is hanging and finishing drywall for an office in Osbourne.  Miller’s wife Linda runs the hardware store while he farms full time. Miller stated that he has lived his whole life by the following quote, “God first, family second and business third.”

Carolyn Finney, Business Owner and Farmer, Beloit, KS, joined the NCK Tech Board of Trustees in July of 1993.  Finney served on the USD #273 School Board and was interested in technical education, which led her to apply for the position.  “Keeping the college here is important to our area, community and students. I enjoy being able to work through issues and keep up with the times, in order to guarantee the college stays,” Finney stated, as to why she joined and continues to serve on the board.  One of Finney’s hobbies is to grow both vegetables and flowers from seeds. Finney would like to be remembered as someone who believes deeply in Jesus Crist and stated, “Treat people kindly! When it comes back around you will be glad you did!” as her favorite quote.

Jim Johnson, Attorney at Law, Beloit, KS, joined the NCK Tech Board of Trustees in June 2005.  “I joined the board because I was asked to by then President Clark Coco.  In addition, I felt that the College is vital to our community and to North Central and Northwest Kansas,” Johnson stated.  Johnson’s favorite part of serving on the board is doing what he can in order to keep the college operating in the black during these difficult times.  Johnson said, “I feel it is my job to be engaged with the rest of the board, the administration and the staff, in order to help find solutions to sometimes tough problems.”  In his free time, Johnson enjoys hunting and fishing while spending quality time at the lake.  He would like to be remembered for giving back to the community and making it a better place.  Johnson stated in regards to the most important life lesson he has learned so far, “Life is a journey, not a destination.  You must adapt, change and learn every single day.  You must also find happiness along the journey, if you don’t you will never find satisfaction in your destination.”

Positions on the NCKTC Board of Trustees are by application only and are completely volunteer. The time and dedication to our campuses in both Beloit and Hays are commendable by these individuals. Their work and legacies will be forever remembered.