What is RAVE Alert?

Rave Alert provides best-in-class, highly available mass notification solutions for enterprises, school districts, and institutions nationwide. Offering multi-modal broadcast messaging through email, SMS, voice, RSS, social networks, and other mechanisms, Rave Alert is the most reliable method for allowing higher education institutions to react and respond to both emergency and day-to-day communications with their students.

If you are interested in receiving RAVE alerts from NCK Tech, simply visit our Intranet while on campus and follow the steps listed to sign up with NCK Tech Rave Alert.

What is RAVE Guardian

The Rave Guardian App is available to help keep you safe on campus. With direct 24/7 connections to college officials, family, friends, and others you trust, you can feel safe anytime, knowing your Guardians are watching out for you.

Key Features

Set A Safety Timer
Notify people you trust to check in on you if you are alone or in an unfamiliar place.

Connect With Your Guardians
Invite family, friends, or others you trust to be your Guardian and communicate with them within the app as needed.

Easy Emergency Communication
Call safety officials directly for help if you are in trouble and send text tips—including photos—if you see something suspicious.