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Telecommunications and Network Technology

The Telecommunications and Network Technology program provides the technical knowledge and skills needed for a career in the communications and network technology industry. Students receive training in all aspects of telecommunications including circuits, devices and cabling, digital logic, wireless communication, fiber-optics theory and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP). In addition, students analyze computer data networks, LAN/WAN design and Class 5 central office applications. Upon successful completion of the two-year program, students are awarded an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of computer networking concepts.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of telecommunications and network hazards and related safety practices.
  • Use effective communication skills appropriate to the telecommunication field.
  • Demonstrate a strong understanding of digital switching infrastructure and networking.
  • Demonstrate the ability to install and manage communication copper cabling infrastructure.
  • Demonstrate the ability to install and manage fiber optic cabling infrastructure.

Required Courses

First Semester

Course Code Course Name Credits
EL-101Z AC/DC I 4
TNT-130 Telecommunications Cabling 2
TNT-140 Computer Networks I 3
TNT-165 Telecommunications Networks 4
SS-102 Tech Connect 0

Second Semester

Course Code Course Name Credits
TNT-155 LAN Switch & Routing Protocols 4
TNT-220 Fiber Optics & Other Transmission Methods 3
TNT-230 Computer Networks II 3
ACIT-211Z Network Servers 4

Third Semester

Fourth Semester

Course Code Course Name Credits
TNT-250 LAN/WAN Design 4
TNT-270 LAN/WAN Troubleshooting Fundamentals 4
TNT-200 Internship 4

General Education Course Requirements

Course Code Course Name Credits
COM-103 English Composition I T▸ 3
COM-105 Fundamentals of Oral Communication T▸ 3
CIS-100 Computer Applications T▸ 3
MA-102 Essential Math T▸OR 3
MA-110 Intermediate AlgebraOR 3
MA-111 College Algebra T▸ 3
SS-100 General Psychology T▸ 3
Total Required Hours

T▸ - Course eligible for transfer to a state university.

Post Graduate Jobs

Job Title Annual Salary
Communication Technician $40,000
Construction Technician $40,000
Engineering Technician $45,000
Access Technician $50,000
Network Operations Technician $60,000

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This Program is available in Hays

Department Chair

Hays: Corey Isbell