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Respiratory Care

The Respiratory Therapy program will prepare students to become an entry-level RRT. Students will receive extensive hands-on laboratory practice and clinical experience. The program encompasses training in cardiopulmonary physiology, patient assessment, diagnostics, pharmacology, and respiratory care. The program will prepare students to assess, educate and treat patients with cardiopulmonary disorders. At the end of the program, students will sit for the national examination for Respiratory Therapists. Upon successful completion, students will be awarded an Associate of Applied Science Degree.

Program Outcomes

  • Demonstrate basic patient assessment skills
  • Demonstrate knowledge of laws, theories, and principles to clinical situations
  • Develop patient care plans
  • Initiate prescribed respiratory care treatments
  • Treat patients with breathing or cardiopulmonary disorders
  • Promote evidence-based practice by using established clinical practice guidelines
  • Coordinate care in an interdisciplinary team

Required Courses

Pre-Requisite Courses

Course Code Course Name Credits
BIOL-230 Anatomy & Physiology w/Lab T▸ 5
BIOL-225 Microbiology w/Lab 5
MA-110 Intermediate AlgebraOR 3
MA-111 College Algebra T▸ 3
COM-103 English Composition I T▸ 3
SS-100 General Psychology T▸ 3

First Semester

Course Code Course Name Credits
RT-101 Fundamentals of Respiratory Care 3
RT-102 Pharmacology 3
RT-103 Respiratory Patient Assessment 3
RT-104 Respiratory Physiology 4
SS-102 Tech Connect 0

Second Semester

Course Code Course Name Credits
RT-105 Respiratory Diseases 3
RT-106 Respiratory Care I 4
RT-107 Respiratory Care Clinical I 4
RT-108 Cardiopulmonary Care & Diagnostics 3

Third Semester

Course Code Course Name Credits
RT-201 Respiratory Care II 4
RT-202 Respiratory Care Clinical II 4
RT-203 Neonatal/Pediatrics Respiratory Care 4

Fourth Semester

Course Code Course Name Credits
RT-204 Respiratory Care Seminar 2
RT-205 Respiratory Care III 4
RT-206 Respiratory Care Clinical III 4
RT-207 CRT Certification 2
Total Required Hours

T▸ - Course eligible for transfer to a state university.

This Program is available in Hays

Department Chair

Hays: Joannie Kollman