You and Online Class Questions

* Are Online classes right for me and my schedule?

Online classes are an opportunity for students to complete classes online without the need to attend class on campus, on specific dates, and at specific times. However, class expectations remain at the same level as on campus classes. Most students find that they must be willing to engage in the learning process to be successful. On campus students can sometimes be quiet in class but online students must be willing to become involved in their classes.

Here is a link to a 12 question assessment on “Assessing your readiness to take an online course?”

* What are my Internet access requirements for taking classes?

You must have at least dial up access however your learning environment will be much more enjoyable if you have a high speed Internet access connection.

This connection does not need to be available at home however. You may access our curriculum anywhere in the world including at your work site or a public access location such as a public library.

* Do I need to be a proficient Internet and E-mail user to take classes?

You do not need to be a computer nerd to take online courses. However basic internet browsing and E-mail skills are a necessity as you will be expected to work with a browser based learning environment tool called Moodle. Within Moodle you will need to be able to complete and submit assignments using a built-in E-mail client. You will also need to be able to complete discussions and tests while working with the Moodle browser environment. You may also need to be able to use some browser add-in programs that can be downloaded from the Internet. If you have technical questions you may contact our technical support line. We also suggest taking the “Online Aptitude Assessment” to see if you are ready for our online classes. There are online tutorials that will help you learn how to use the learning environment as well. To take our student training course, go to and click on Miscellaneous and then Moodle Basics.

* What hardware and software do I need?

Moodle is designed to support the widest variety of client-side operating systems and client-side browsers through its limited use of client-side technologies. While Moodle products generally function well in many browsers, the following are formally supported and tested:
• With PCs running MS Windows OS: Internet Explorer and Firefox
• With Macs running OS X: Firefox
Testing is performed on the latest generally available versions for the above platforms and browsers with each General Release of Moodle products, ensuring full support at that time. For additional information on browser support please see our student training course at

* Is Online class curriculum the same as On Campus class curriculum?

Yes, students are expected to complete the same rigor and class requirements as On Campus students. The instructors use the same syllabi’s and the class lengths are the same. However as a student you are allowed the freedom to choose when you complete the course work during the week its assigned. The classes are taught by NCKTC Instructors and you receive the same credit as on campus students.

Taking Online Classes From NCKTC

* How much are classes Online from NCKTC?

Classes from North Central Kansas Technical College are a $129.00 per credit hour plus a $20 per hour general fee and a $10.00 per hour technology fee.  There are additional costs for books and supplies for each course and are specific to those courses. Tuition may be refundable on a pro-rated basis; Fees are not refundable.  The college is not responsible for your Internet connection costs associated with our courses.

* What payment options are there for Online classes?

There are several payment options available, including:

  • Cash
  • Check
  • Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard, & Discover)
  • Apple Pay
  • PayPal

Please call our Cashier, Sierra Senger, to make final payment arrangements; office hours are MondayFriday 8:00 am – 3:30 pm. Contact information is as follows: Phone: 785-738-9003;
Fax: 785-738-2903; E-Mail:

Financial Aid is available for those students who qualify. The Financial Aid process requires at least two months to determine eligibility and confirm approval. Please contact the Financial Aid Office (785-738-9028) at least 60 days prior to the beginning of each course.


* When do classes start?

Students can take classes during any of our three semesters.

Most traditional Classes will start:

Fall Semester Start – Fourth Monday in August
Spring Semester Start – Second Monday in January
Summer Semester Start – First Monday in June

Our Health Support classes may start at irregular times so please contact the instructor or the college for further information on these specific classes.

* Do I need to meet any college or course requirements before enrolling?

Please visit our Admissions Web Page for further information on college entrance requirements.

Each Course may have specific requirements so please read the course syllabi’s for information about specific course requirements.

* How do I register for a NCKTC Online class?

First you must be admitted into the college and choose your course by completing the Application Form. After completing this forms you will be notified via the supplied E-mail address of your acceptance to the college. Your advisor will then contact you to get you enrolled into your requested classes. There may be times that classes are full and you will be placed on a waiting list. You will be notified if you are placed on the list. Once there are enough students to fill another section you will be notified via E-mail.

* Are these classes transferable to other colleges/universities?

Please contact the Registrar (785-738-9058) for transfer and articulation information.

* Where do I get my grades and transcripts when I am done?

You may access the Moodle Learning Environment for grades during the semester. You may also attain an unofficial grade from the Moodle site at the conclusion of the class.

You must obtain a TechKnow account in order to view your final grades.

Please complete the form Transcript Request. This form must be completed in full and sent to:

3033 US Hwy 24, PO Box 507
Beloit, KS 67420

There is no charge.

* Can I withdraw from a class?

You may withdraw from a class. The first step is to e-mail your instructor. Your instructor will then email the Registrar to complete the withdrawal process. It is essential that this request happens before the last date to withdraw from the course. This will coincide with the beginning of the 9th week of On-line class.  Tuition may be refundable on a pro-rated basis; Fees are not refundable.

* How long do classes take?

Traditional classes are 16 weeks in length. Most classes will take anywhere from three to nine hours a week depending on the class and the number of credit hours you are taking. The Summer session is 9 weeks in length.

 Course Specific Questions

 *How do I access the classes that I have just registered for?

Upon completion of the Admissions Form you will be sent an E-mail confirmation that you are registered for the class. This turnaround will take two business days after we receive your forms.  Your advisor will then contact you to get you enrolled for classes. After enrollment closes, you will receive an additional E-mail that will contain your user id and password to access the Moodle Server. The Moodle Server can also be accessed here or go to Once you have Moodle up in your browser then enter your user id and password. You will be taken to your personalized Moodle screen where you should find your classes listed on the left side of your screen on the first day of classes.

*Where do I get my course materials?

Please access the Courses Web Page for course specific class materials. On the Courses page you will find a link to your Course specific syllabus. On this syllabus you should find a list of all textbooks and supplies required for the course.  You may also find material on the Books and Supplies page as well. You can then access several on line vendors to purchase these materials. If you have questions please contact the college to get answers to your questions
*What are the class expectations?

Each instructor has different expectations for their courses and you should read your class syllabus for grading, homework, testing and class expectations. Those class syllabi’s can be accessed at our courses page. If you have specific questions please call or contact the instructors. The instructors contact information is on each of the syllabi’s.

*How are assignments handled?

Each instructor has their own rules on attendance, assignment due dates and testing procedures. The instructors have some information on their syllabi’s and further information can be gathered within the Moodle Learning Environment where the instructor has left informational links to their personal policies. Again if you have specific questions about the course that are not answered, please call or contact the instructor directly where they will help you with those unanswered questions.

*Will I be taking any exams, and how will I do that?

Most instructors will have students taking exams. The instructors will give directions on how and where to take tests. Some instructors will have you take the exams online and you will submit those tests digitally. Other instructors may request that you find a proctor to administer the tests. Please look at the syllabus for course specific information on tests which can be found on the courses web page. Also once you have access to the Moodle Learning Environment your instructor will have general course information posted here to answer your questions

*Are there specific deadlines/timelines that I will need to meet?

Admission Timeline:

You must submit your Admissions Form before the closing date of enrollment for the semester.

Books and Supplies:

Books and supplies need to be ready by day one of the class. Most instructors will allow for some leeway in deadlines for receiving books. You must communicate with your instructor if you are having difficulties receiving your books and supplies.

Payment Deadline:

You must have all Fees and Supplies purchased from the college paid for, or arrangements for payment before the first day of classes.

Class work Deadlines:

Your instructor will identify all coursework timelines within the curriculum on the Moodle Learning Environment web site. If you have conflict or questions please contact the instructor directly.

Grade Results:

Transcripts can be requested anytime after the completion of the class. A short time period at the conclusion of the class will be needed for the posting and administering of all class information, so please be patient with our staff.

*How do I contact the instructor?

All instructors should post either through the syllabus or the Moodle Learning Environment contact information and online office hours. Feel free to either call, E-mail or walk-in during their office hours.

Also Administration Staff can be contacted during normal business hours.

College Contact Web Site Link

*Do I need to come to campus?

No student will be required to attend class on campus unless it is stated within the course syllabus or Moodle Instructor Information links within the Moodle Learning Environment.

All Administrative forms and documents are available online for your convenience and can be submitted digitally online.

However we would love to see students on campus, if you are planning a visit please contact us, and we will attempt to make your visit efficient and enjoyable.

*What is the attendance policy?

 Each instructor will set their own attendance policy. However, the College maintains that the student is responsible for attending all classes. We believe you will have the most success by attending and posting information in a timely manner. It is the student’s responsibility for communicating with the instructor on all attendance issues. If you have questions please contact the instructor or our Dean of Student Success, Jayme Owen (785) 738-9037.

I Need Extra Help

* How can I access other student services such as advising/counseling?

Please contact Jayme Owen, Dean of Student Success, (785) 738-9037 or E-mail with all student services questions. If you have special needs please give the instructor time to meet your needs so communication is vital to solving your educational needs.

Here is a link to all of our Student Services available on campus. If you have a disability here is a link to our Disability Services.

* How do I access library services?

We have a full service Student Success Center located on our Beloit Campus for your use. The Student Success Center hours vary during the week so please contact our Dean of Student Success for specific times and dates they are open. Please call our Beloit Campus for contact information.

The Moodle Learning Environment will also have links to other digital resources and downloads available for student use.

* How do I get assistance when I am having technical problems?

We supply course content help from our instructors. Not all instructors can solve your technical problems. For those issues please contact our technical support line. Please see our Contact Page for further contact information.

* How do I get assistance when I am having course content problems?

All content related questions should be submitted to your instructor and all hardware and software question should be submitted to the Moodle Help Desk for assistance.

Where Do I Begin

5 steps to day one of class!

Step 1

Complete the  Application Form before the closing of enrollment for the semester. Once the college has received your information we will create a student account for you that will allow us to collect and store all of your records.

Step 2

Enroll in classes when your advisor contacts you. Five days before classes begin a Moodle Learning Environment Account will be created. Your account information will be returned to you via E-mail. The Moodle Learning Environment will be opened the day classes begin.  If you have technical problems please contact us and we will attempt to rectify your problem.

Step 3

Purchase all course materials and supplies. Please attempt to have all materials ordered at least one week before classes with delivery date on the Friday before classes begin. Some exception may be allowed but the student needs to communicate with the instructor with specific issues.

Step 4

Test the Moodle Login procedures. Prior to class, please login and access the Moodle Learning Environment. Your classes will become available the day classes begin. The instructor will leave course specific information on the course pages. If you are enrolled into more than one class make sure to access each class, as information for different courses may be on each course specific page.  Make sure to take time to become familiar with the learning environment. Click on the icons and links found within the learning environment to become familiar with the tools and abilities of Moodle.

Step 5

Day One. Access the Moodle Learning Environment for class specific information and instruction. Please contact the Instructor, Administration or Technical Services for all questions as we want your learning to be as unrestrictive and productive as we can make it. Good Luck.

Terms and Conditions

A student may be administratively withdrawn from any or all courses by a College administrator when one of the following conditions exits:

  • The student has been dismissed from the College, regardless of the reason.
  • The student has violated the program, or course attendance standards.
  • The student fails to satisfy financial obligations to the College.
  • The student has not satisfied minimum academic standards of a program of study and is not permitted to continue classes.
  • The student has violated the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Students will receive the final earned grade for their courses.