2018 Alumni Challenge

The NCK Tech graduating class of 2018 has issued a couple of challenges to their fellow alumnus.  They want to see which class can get the most members to donate at least the amount of the graduating year.  They also want to see which class will donate the most!

Each member of each graduating class is challenged to make a donation in the amount of their graduating year (i.e. If you graduated in 1985, you are challenged to donate at least $19.85).  They are also challenged to connect with other NCK Tech alumni to spread the word about the challenge.  Proceeds will go towards building the Alumni Scholarship Fund within the NCK Tech Foundation. By making a donation, you will be paying it forward to incoming students for years to come.
Each member of the Class of 2018 who gives at least $20.18 or more will receive a cord/pin for graduation day. The class who has the most class members who participate will have a bench placed on campus dedicated to their class.  The class that donates the most towards the scholarship fund will also have a bench placed on campus dedicated to their graduating class.  Simply fill out this form and donate today, and spread the word to your fellow classmates and alum!
The competition ends on June 22nd!  Game on!

2018 Alumni Challenge Donation Form

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    Thank you for choosing to leave your legacy at NCK Tech! A suggested donation of the year you graduate (i.e. 2018 graduates would donate at least $20.18) will make an impact on future students for years to come.
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