Twice a year North Central Kansas Technical College (NCK Tech) awards a member of our staff or faculty with a 212° Award. The purpose of the 212° Award is to recognize individuals who demonstrate superior dedication and the willingness to go that extra degree! 212 degrees is the boiling point of water. We’ve all watched it happen as water goes from still to rumbling when it reaches that threshold. That boiling point is a transformation point. The water is transformed from calm and still, to boiling, and things start to happen. Recipients of this award will be employees who voluntarily go above and beyond the call of duty. These employees demonstrate a positive attitude and commitment to their profession, students, fellow employees, and a loyalty to the mission of NCK Tech.

The recipient of 2022 Spring 212° Award is Sheri Stone. Sheri is the Director of Nursing for the Hays campus.

Another unique aspect of this award is that it is peer-driven.  The selection process includes being nominated by peers and then a committee of previous recipients make the selection.  Administration’s only role is to present the employee with the award.

“We have so many wonderful people working at NCK Tech, I’m very happy for Sheri as she is certainly deserving of this award,” said NCK Tech President, Eric Burks.  “She really stepped up last year, leading us through an accreditation visit for her program while working both as an instructor and as the interim Director of Nursing.  As her peers recognize, Sheri has a positive can-do attitude, she’ll do what it takes to be successful, and is dedicated to her students and the college’s mission.”