The theme of USO shows depicting the WWII, Korean and Vietnam Wars rolled down Mill St. in Beloit for the annual Veterans Day Parade. The students of NCK TECH, along with Activities Director, Marvin McConaghy were awarded first place for their rendition of the famous USO shows. The float included their version of the Doughnut Dollies, orchestra and even Bob Hope and his golf clubs.

“We had three couples dancing on the dance floor,” exclaimed McConaghy. “It was a bitter cold day and I had asked the girls to wear dresses if possible to be more true to the era and they did.” McConaghy expressed his gratitude to all the students who donated their time and efforts getting the float ready and participating that day.  He also thanked the various programs and instructors at NCK TECH for their involvement. “I am so proud of everyone’s spirit and willingness to help.”

NCK TECH President Eric Burks added, “Marvin does a great job working with the students and they all take a lot of pride in building a better float each year. I think it’s great that these students took the time, on a day when the college was closed, to pay tribute to our veterans!”

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