It is a tradition every year at North Central Kansas Technical College to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day at little differently. In the spirit of Dr. King,  the staff and faculty of the college pull together along side many local groups and charities to help improve and give back to the communities in which they live. They give up their classrooms and offices for paintbrushes and ladders.

This year the group was able to help the Food Pantry, a local church, the Historical Society, the Parks and Wildlife Department, the Library, Breast friends, and RPM Speedway. Projects included stocking shelves, cleaning, taking down Christmas decorations, moving historical items to storage, remodeling, hauling and discarding old items, making blankets for cancer patients and building bicycles for children. It was a rewarding day for all involved. The employees of the college enjoyed helping out their neighbors and making light work of projects that would have been daunting otherwise. Tyler Bletscher, Glen Elder State Park Manager shares his experience with NCK Tech volunteers, “Without the help of your staff, this project would have taken us 1-2 weeks to complete. Community service projects like this are crucial to the park and it shows how much people care about making their state park better.”

There is power in numbers, but also in kindness. Martin Luther King Jr. had a strong but attainable vission on serving others. He simply stated “Everybody can be great, because anybody can serve.” So all of us at NCK Tech encourage you do just that, go out into your community and be great!