By Ashley Steiner

Samantha Gill, Adult Services Manager at the Hays Public Library, was in need of help and reached out to the NCK Tech Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Program. The HPL is undergoing a remodel that includes the Youth Services Department. Several bookcases were leftover and in need of repurposing which led Gill to reach out to Brandon Jacobs, Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Instructor, on the Hays Campus. “We have been focusing on community engagement and I felt this was a wonderful opportunity to work with NCK Tech. The children that utilize the Youth Services Department will truly enjoy the colorful bookcases that house their books,” Gill stated.  Jacobs and his students picked up the bookcases and took them to the NCKTC shop in order to sand them down and apply the neon green and white paint.  “The color was one that appealed to us,” Jacobs joked, due to the similarity of the NCK Tech green color.  “The students enjoyed the opportunity to help out the community while simultaneously learning,” Jacobs, first year Carpentry/Cabinetmaking Instructor said. The bookcases were finished in record time and delivered back to the HPL ready to be filled with literature, within 3 days.