The Education Committee of the Kansas State Board of Nursing has re-approved the Beloit PN Program (practical nursing) for a period of five years.  The Kansas State Board of Nursing concurred with the decision of the Education Committee.

The program went through an intense site visit earlier this fall. Typically, a site visit is a review of the entire program including finances, credentials of instructors, clinical sites, equipment and more.  Meeting the requirements means the program complies with the rules and regulations of the Kansas State Board of Nursing.

“Maintaining accreditation for the program is essential,” said Sandy Gottschalk, Interim Director of Nursing for the Beloit PN program. “Without this we cannot enroll students.” Gottschalk, who doubles as the Dean of the Hays Campus, previously served as Director of Nursing for the Hays Campus for nearly seventeen years.

The Beloit PN program currently admits up to thirty students for the nine-month program. For more information on the program visit