Each semester NCK TECH awards an employee who has gone beyond expectations in their job responsibilities. The premise of the 212 Award is that water is hot at 211 degrees, but that one degree more causes water to boil. Thus, the 212 Award recognizes those who go that extra degree to make a difference in their job with students and co-workers.

Employees are nominated by their peers and chosen by a panel of past 212 Award winners. Kyle Kopsa, Welding Instructor for the Beloit Campus, received the award from President Eric Burks.  Kopsa has been with the college for eighteen years. “I am humbled to be recognized by my colleagues of NCK Tech,” stated Kopsa. “There are so many instructors and staff members that have helped make our program a success. Thanks for all you do. Shout out to a great team of people that put students first.”

President Eric Burks presents Kyle Kopsa with the 212 Award.







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