National Signing Day takes place all over the country for star athletes, however, NCK Tech in Beloit and Hays recently held a National Signing Day for students who have committed to attend NCK Tech in the fall. This event took place on social media.  NC3 National Signing Day is a national event, which brings attention to students who plan to further their education at a technical college. The signing day took place on February 20 and included over seventy students from thirty-five high schools across Kansas and four states.

Students who have completed the application process and been accepted at NCK Tech received a letter of intent and a hat to wear at their signing. Shane Britt, Dean of Student Experience located on the Beloit Campus, ran with the idea of the digital signing. “Once we sent the information to high school counselors, we encouraged them to take pictures or videos and send them back to us. We then posted these to social media. The results were overwhelming,” stated Britt. “We had hundreds of ‘likes.’ Family and friends who normally would not get to take part in such an important day were able to share in the excitement.”  Ashley Steiner, Student Experience Coordinator on the Hays Campus shared her excitement with the Digital Signing Day. “It was so much fun and exciting to have social media blow up with encouragement for these students.  They truly were stars for a day,” added Steiner.

Students interested in attending NCK Tech in the fall are encouraged to contact either campus location or visit the website

Pictured are several local students from Beloit and Hays who participated in the NC3 National Signing Day with NCK Tech.

Kordy Stull – Hays High

Counselor Amy Miller








Chance Eck – Beloit High








Josh Hollerich – Beloit High









Jacoby Jensen – Beloit High







Bryce Mason – Beloit High








Tayson Romero – Beloit High






Ethan Werth – TMP-M