Beloit and Hays, KS (November 18, 2022) – NCK Tech Foundation is excited to announce our first two Hall of Fame awards at our Beloit and Hays Campuses that were bestowed during Founders’ Week (November 14-18, 2022). NCK Tech honored a former instructor and administrator who was one of the first employees of the College in Beloit and honored a key benefactor who helped establish our NCK Tech Hays Campus in 1980.

The roots of North Central Kansas Technical College and all other vocational-technical schools in Kansas were established when Senate Bill 438 passed the Kansas legislature in 1963. In November 1963, Beloit was authorized as one of only six vocational-technical schools in the state at that time, the smallest community to receive such a school.

The start of 1964 saw the city of Beloit with the foundation of a vocational school, but what appeared to be the impossible task of preparing to offer classes in only a few short months. By mid-April, 1964 the first step had been taken to remedy this situation when the first of four instructors committed to join the faculty. Bob Severance, a young vocational agriculture teacher at Simpson High School, was the first person to sign a contract.

Although recruited as a vocational agriculture and welding instructor during the tech school’s first days, Severance soon found himself with different duties. Besides teaching production ag and welding, Severance devoted much of his time to public relations during the formative years of the school. His appointment as director (president) in 1967 would span the next quarter- century of the school’s existence, and his vision and guidance are evident in nearly every phase of its growth. Bob served in that capacity until his retirement in 1992.

 “As a strong supporter of NCK Tech from day one, Bob Severance has paved the way for other Trailblazers over the years. Education and the development of skills in our future workforce has truly been his passion in life and NCK Tech and the community of Beloit have benefitted from years of Bob’s leadership,” said NCK Tech President Eric Burks.

In 1980, St. Anthony’s Hospital donated 25 acres for use of the Hays NCK Technical College campus of which Leo J. and Albina Dreiling were instrumental in securing this donation. A few months later, in October 1980, Leo J. and Albina Dreiling made a gift to the school of $100,000 to be used specifically for bringing sewer, electrical, gas and water hook-ups to the newly-established campus. At the same time the campus layout for the Hays satellite location was accepted.

The Leo J. and Albina Dreiling Charitable Trust was instrumental in the success of the expansion of technical programs on the Hays Campus by providing a $25,000 donation in 1985 to pay the cost of remodeling the former carpentry building for use by the licensed practical nursing and applied data processing departments. The Dreiling’s were also influential in a variety of fundraising campaigns for the College as well.

“During their lifetimes, Leo J. and Albina Dreiling were gracious and benevolent people. They would be extremely proud to know that their tradition of supporting important community projects is being continued by the current Trustees of the Dreiling Charitable Trust. The names Leo J. and Albina Dreiling adorn many buildings and programs in this area. Their kind and sincere involvement with projects have made Hays a better place to learn, work and live,” said NCK Tech President Eric Burks.

Kraig Gross accepted the award in honor of his grandparents.


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