Our Board of Directors oversees Foundation activities and sets policy. The Foundation also has a Director of Advancement who oversees the daily activities of the Foundation.

Members of the Board are elected for three-year terms; officers are elected for one-year terms. Members serve on committees, which meet between regularly scheduled meetings. Committees include: Alumni, Business and Industry, Capital Outlay and Scholarship. The Foundation is audited annually and tax returns are filed with the Internal Revenue Service and the Secretary of State of Kansas. The Foundation publishes an annual report, which is available upon request.

Current Board Members  

Chantz Martin, Chair

John Cyr

Bryan Jones

Ron McMillan

Terry Siek

Doug Simms

NCK Tech President Eric Burks, ex-officio

NCK Tech Director of Finance Diana Baumann, ex-officio


Director of Advancement Mendi Anschutz

“The NCK Tech Foundation helps the College acquire and manage financial contributions, gifts and grants to preserve the unique educational experience NCK Tech provides. I look forward to working with you to advance our students, our programs and our institution into the future!”