Featured Students: Curtiss Anderson

Curtiss Anderson.

A year ago, Curtiss Anderson was a welder, watching his fellow employees head one of two directions. They either worked on a welding floor for up to 35 years, accumulating painful knees and backs, or received promotions and managerial jobs. While both groups worked hard, what set the second group apart was what Anderson lacked — a college education.

“I had a good welding instructor in high school who taught me the basics,” said Anderson. “It was good enough to get me a job, so I never thought about going to college after that.” Six years later, Anderson realized his potential had surpassed his qualifications. He decided to enroll in NCK Tech’s welding program, and not only because he lived near the Beloit, Kansas campus.

“My instructor, Kyle Kopsa, was really serious about welding,” said Anderson. “I wanted to be taught by someone who really cared, and it was obvious how much Mr. Kopsa was invested in his students and their futures.”

Although Anderson has only been at NCK Tech for a year, he is already instructing welding courses, teaching welding processes to up to 24 students. However, his own learning isn’t finished. Anderson said NCK Tech has taught him not only the importance of being professional in the workplace, but also the importance of education. “Now, I’m kind of addicted to learning,” he said. “I learn from great teachers who are willing to take the time to answer my questions and help me solve problems. It opened my eyes to what education could be. NCK Tech is giving me a career for the rest of my life.”