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Strategies for Success II

Course Information


Credit Hours: 1

Course Pre-Requisites: KSPN-106 KSPN-116

Course Co-Requisites: KSPN-112 KSPN-117 KSPN-107 KSPN-108 KSPN-118 KSPN-120 PN-123

Course Description

This course is designed to give the student an exposure of the practice of skills necessary to thrive while in the nursing program, successfully complete the NCLEX-PN, and the transition into practice. ATI testing used extensively to prepare for NCLEX style online testing. It is also designed to assist the student in working through the paperwork and legal issues involved in applying for licensure with the Kansas State Board of Nursing.

Pre-requisites: KSPN-106, KSPN-116

Co-requisite: KSPN-112, KSPN-117, KSPN-107, KSPN-108, KSPN-118, KSPN-120, PN-123