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Orientation to Pharmacy Practice

Course Information


Credit Hours: 3

Course Pre-Requisites: None

Course Co-Requisites: None

Course Description

This course orients students to the work of the pharmacy technician and the context in which technicians’ work is performed. Students learn the concept of direct patient care and technicians’ general role in its delivery, with particular emphasis on the complementary roles of pharmacists and technicians. They will gain an understanding of the range of current direct patient care delivery systems and of medication distribution systems including the step-by-step processes in which the technician practices. Students are introduced to the profound influence that medication laws, standards, and regulations have on practice. In addition, they will be introduced to the concept of quality assurance and its procedures. Safety issues will be covered such as First Aid and CPR. Learning activities may include fieldtrips to pharmacies (community and hospital based) and guest lectures within pharmacy fields. Online Syllabus