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Microbiology w/Lab

Course Information


Credit Hours: 5

Course Pre-Requisites: BIOL-121 BIOL-230

Course Co-Requisites: None

Course Description

This class is an in depth study of the microbial organisms that affect human health. Lecture will cover the cellular and molecular biology of microbes, as well as providing historical perspective on microbiology. Bacterial genetics will be discussed in detail as a background for examination of microbial resistance, bioengineering and biotechnology. The student will learn practical techniques and applications of microscopy, aseptic technique and microbial identification through multiple laboratory exercises. Illustrations of the interactions between nurses, physicians, laboratorians, other health professionals and the patient will be provided to introduce the student to their respective roles in the diagnosis and management of human infectious disease. Online Syllabus

Prerequisite:  Grade of C or better in BIOL-230.  Students are not permitted to enroll in Anatomy & Physiology and Microbiology in the same term.