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Medical/Surgical Nursing Across the Life Span II Clinical

Course Information


Credit Hours: 4

Course Pre-Requisites: NUR-108

Course Co-Requisites: NUR-110 NUR-112 NUR-113 NUR-114 NUR-115

Course Description

This course offers the practicum to apply the related nursing theory in a variety of health care settings.  This will enable the student to become more proficient in using the nursing process and performing nursing skills when providing care to individuals with common health problems along the health illness continuum.  Clinical learning assignments are designed to utilize the nursing process, caring behaviors, communication, computer literacy, and critical thinking skills.  The learner will have the opportunity to be a provider of care to one or two clients.

Pre-requisite: NUR-101, NUR-102, NUR-104, NUR-106, NUR-107, NUR-108

Co-requisite: NUR-110, NUR-112, NUR-113, NUR-114, NUR-115