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Advanced Medical/Surgical Nursing Across the Life Span II

Course Information


Credit Hours: 3

Course Pre-Requisites: NUR-204

Course Co-Requisites: NUR-206

Course Description

This course continues on where NUR-204 left off. Health/Illness concept continues to provide the framework and focus is placed as a care provider, teacher, manager, professional, and advocate in meeting the nursing needs of individuals across the life span. The learner is prepared to apply theoretical knowledge when providing care to medical/surgical individuals/families with common health problems along the health illness continuum. This course will continue to emphasize the nursing process, caring behaviors, communication, nursing assessment, and the role of the registered nurse professional in promoting health and wellness.

Pre-requisites: NUR-201, NUR-203, NUR-204

Co-requisite: NUR-206, NUR-207